We tailor our offerings to your needs


DBA Ninjas offer a wide range of available options should you need one time support, or a limited time contract; we can help accomplish your desired need without any downtime or disturbance to your application.

  • Database Installations—We’ll help you create a deployment plan for the most optimal configuration and instillation of server cluster ranging from as single box, to multi-Continental data center deployment.
  • Database Upgrades—One time upgrades are available through our server. We will help you plan and  roll out database upgrades without any downtime to your service.
  • Database Patching—we utilize documented processes to ensure that all tasks are executed in an orderly and predictable manner
  • Data Analytics—our data analytics services will help you leverage business intelligence for a smarter, more effective organization
  • Data Auditing—we’ll help you audit the actions of your database users to identify security and other critical issues
  • Performance Analysis—Allow us to monitor and dissect underlying issues with your data solution.
  • Database Optimization—Databases are not always deploy in the most advantageous way. Needs of today may cause architecture of yesterday to become bogged down. The addition of tables, columns, or the influx of data not planned for in the original deployment can all lead to your database becoming chocked.


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