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Sean Del Prete founder of DBA Ninja. After many years of field experience working with database technologies, we felt it was time to combine forces to bring their ninja-like skills to those who need it most. Between the two of us, we have logged over 50,000 hours of hands-on database design, administration, and troubleshooting expertise, and have  solved some of the toughest data-related challenges on some of the largest and highest volume transactional database systems in the world.

Need remote administration support somebody to provide schema management to your development team? We can do that.  Need somebody to design and build a data platform accessible around the world with near-real time consistency? We can do that too.

If you need remote database administration support, or even general questions, please contact us here.  Bring your database challenges to the table, and we’ll bring our ninja skills to get the problem solved!

Sean Del Prete
Sean Del Prete

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